TIERRA Songwriting Sessions

Workshops and Professional Songwriting Sessions with music producers and artists.

The Songwriting Workshops allow you to learn the techniques and creative processes of a professional songwriting session alongside the same music production team that works on professional sessions with real artists, starting from the most elementary level until you are able to perform fluently inside the studio and have enough training to move on to a real working environment. Some of these workshops are completely free of charge.

The Professional Songwriting Sessions are real working sessions for record labels in which you will work together with music producers, lyricists, musicians and professional singers of recognized prestige to create an original composition from scratch of which you will be an active part as an author and for which you will have a percentage of royalties. In order to participate in the professional sessions, you must demonstrate a sufficient technical and artistic level through a personal interview that we will conduct in person or online, or after having participated in several of our composition workshops and having demonstrated the appropriate level in one or more of the necessary roles: lyricist, musician, producer, singer…

In both options, Songwriting Workshops and Professional Songwriting Sessions, we periodically open groups in face-to-face mode and groups in online mode for participants from all over the world who speak Spanish or English. In some of the sessions there will be limited places available to attend as a listener in 100% online mode and experience live everything that happens inside the studio.

Participants will become part of our Private Songwriting Community to meet and keep in touch with the rest of the members, and to be able to attend exclusive private events such as album recordings, Raw Sessions, album presentations, open songwriting sessions, open mics, songwriting trips, meetings with artists and many more activities that we do throughout the year.

Sign up to our Private List using the form on this page if you want us to keep you updated on the groups that are opening, the producers and artists involved in each workshop or session(*), the different dates, prices, places for listeners, if you want to make the personal interview for admission, or simply to be aware of other news that may arise.

(*) In order to guarantee the privacy of the artists, we do not publicly announce information about dates and venues of the workshops and professional composition sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: Minors may participate in the Workshops and Professional Sessions only with the explicit written consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Please contact us at songwriting@tierra.audio for more information.