Introducing the TIERRA Pulse Service

Your equipment always available, always monitored

Stay ahead by having your devices protected by a self-diagnosis system that offers a ”zero downtime” service; an extended guarantee that ensures your equipment is always up and running.

Every time you turn your device on, it performs a self-diagnosis on each internal module, making sure both the environmental conditions (voltage, magnetism, pressure, temperature, humidity) and the processed signal are at optimum levels. Moreover, we have implemented an internal heat measuring feature that allows your device to thermoregulate itself and always work under the same temperature thresholds, ensuring the accurate performance of its components. We will be able to detect performance blips in real time and keep track of your device’s performance. 

On a weekly basis, an email will be sent with a detailed report of the monitoring done in the TIERRA Audio devices. This way, the customer will be able to start a new week of music production with all the guarantees needed, and the confidence that everything will work smoothly. 

Track its beats

Perform diagnosis
Detect in real time any anomaly in modules, components or processed signal.
Get alerted
Get notified immediately if there is a malfunction, even before you know about it!
Receive replacements
Zero-downtime: Never stop working and obtain replacements before its too late!
Track its output
Receive every week a detailed report on the performance of your equipment.

“TIERRA Pulse is a game changer. Thanks to this service we can fully rely on our equipment and the fact that it will never stop working”.

How does Pulse work?

Step 1: Turn On

Device with TIERRA Pulse Service is turned ON

Step 2: Verification

Modules and components are verified

Step 3: Final Result

Is everything working properly?


Processed Signal
Environmental Conditions
Internal Heat

Just as we expected! Your device is working at its maximum capacity, there are no anomalies in any of the modules and you have nothing to worry about! The moment we get this information, we notify our Cloud tracking form to maintain a performance record of the equipment. 


Processed Signal
Environmental Conditions
Internal Heat

Our Cloud systems get notified in real time and an email and SMS is sent to the user with details of the malfunction, the case number and the repair/replacement process that has been activated by our support service. Our team starts working to solve the problem asap. 

Find and protect your missing device!

TIERRA Pulse helps you keep your device safe at all times, even if  you misplace it or if it gets stolen. Thanks to our intelligent system, you can block your equipment from our website, receive an email as soon as it makes a Wi‑Fi connection, learn the area in which it is in and send a message to whoever has it so that he knows how to get it back to you.

Until your device is back in your hands, you can suspend all type of activity and even format it remotely so that nobody can access your information… ever.