We’ve gone crazy!

We want to give back to the Earth what we have taken from it and because of that, the TIERRA GREEN project was born, with the firm commitment to plant a tree for each product sold and thus, close the circle.

At the moment, we have 30,000 square meters of fertile land in the north of Spain, where we hope that one day, a small forest will grow. Also, you can visit it whenever you want!

Will you help us to achieve that?

We follow the 5Rs rule



It is in our hands to give materials a second chance to enter the market. In both products and packaging, we select the highest quality materials, prioritizing recycled or 100% recyclable.



Most of the materials from which we manufacture our devices can be reused without losing any of their properties. By creating this circular supply chain, we reduce the need to extract virgin materials from the earth.



We build in an intelligent way, to be able to make the most of the materials, and that our devices are durable over time. This is how we reduce our environmental impact.



We work hard to design smarter products and production processes that allow us to optimize our energy consumption. The transition to renewable energy is one of our main objectives, so that our carbon footprint becomes smaller and smaller.



We deny the possibility of consuming products that generate environmental impact, therefore our shipments are 100% plastic-free, using wood, cardboard and paper, all of them recyclable or biodegradable.



For our front panels we use cherry wood from sustainable forests, which are properly managed forests, capable of providing resources. With this we achieve better thermal insulation, as well as surprising aesthetics, thanks to the grain of the wood, which makes each front panel unique.


For our boxes we have chosen wood from Paulownia or Kiri, one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It is resistant to bumps, humidity and twisting, which helps protect the device and reduce emissions during transport.


We build our products with these materials, as they ensure us a high durability, lightness, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation. Both aluminum and steel are 100% recyclable materials and in the process, apart from not losing their properties, it is not necessary to use as much energy, and it’s less expensive than obtaining the materials in the original process. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of plastic that we accumulate each time we receive a package? At TIERRA Audio we want to end this once and for all, therefore, we use paper and cardboard in our shipments. We use kraft paper to wrap the rack screws, and we tie the package with a cord.


In addition to the protection that Paulownia boxes provide to the equipments, we reinforce shipments using recycled cardboard boxes. Once you have opened your equipment, all the packaging material generated will go to the paper and cardboard container so that it can be recycled. Isn’t it great?


All our pieces are unique and handmade in Madrid ❤️

In this way, we guarantee the correct circulation of the electron flow of the analog signal. We also hand assemble “through hole” components of the highest quality, instead of using components placed by robots, reducing to the maximum the friction between electrons, to improve the thermal response of the equipment, and avoid background noise.

We take care of all the processes in detail, in order to offer you unquestionable sound quality. In addition, we select all our products with care to ensure the best performance and maximum durability.

We want you to enjoy a unique experience with an ecologically responsible premium equipment.


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