International Songwriting Contest




Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome!
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Any person of legal age*, regardless of their place of residence, who writes songs in any language and is able to perform them live while accompanying themselves playing a musical instrument. There are no limitations as to musical genre. Registration and participation are completely free of charge.

Although the contest is open to people residing all over the world, in the final phase it will be an essential requirement to attend live at TIERRA Music Hub (Madrid, Spain) to perform a song (voice + instrument) in front of the Jury, so you should take this into account before registering.

No matter what language you use to compose your songs, all are welcome, but it will always be necessary that you provide us with the Spanish translation of your song so that the Jury can evaluate the composition properly.

(*) Minors may participate only with the explicit written consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). You can contact us at for further information.

What are we looking for in you?

We want you to write your best songs!
Concurso #SomosCancionistas

There are many ways of composing and musical styles; all good, all different. But there are certain important issues that we would like you to take care of when composing your songs for this contest:

  • the structure of the song,
  • the chosen theme,
  • the technical and stylistic resources when writing the lyrics,
  • the rhymes or the absence of them, the prosody,
  • the harmony, the rhythm, the melodies,
  • the dynamics when performing the song live,
  • your ability to accompany yourself on the instrument you play…
  • and, above all, your ability to generate emotion with your songs.

No, it is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, study, perseverance, skills, patience, passion? Isn’t that what talent is? 🙂

In the Contest Rules you will find all the details about how the contest works.

Read them very well before registering and ask any questions you may have!

How does the contest work?

There are only 3 phases, it’s very simple!
Concurso #SomosCancionistas

From November 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023.
All the registered persons will receive by e-mail the precise instructions to send us a first video presentation under the technical and publication requirements indicated in the Contest Rules.

In this video, in addition to presenting themselves to the Jury, they will perform an original song of their own accompanied by a musical instrument. The theme is free and the song may have been composed prior to the contest. Show the Jury the best of your songs and your best interpretation!

The Jury will also take into account the reception that the video has in your different social networks (likes, votes, comments, reactions, times it has been shared…) to elaborate a part of their verdict, so the sooner you publish the video, the easier it will be for it to grow in popularity.

Until February 15, the Jury will review the videos received, evaluate them and decide on the selection of 100 semi-finalists who will move on to the second phase.

From February 15 to March 15, 2023
In this phase, the 100 semi-finalists will have to prove their worth by composing a new original song that includes in its lyrics three words that will be communicated to them by e-mail at the beginning of this phase (the same for all participants).

As in the previous phase, the video of the song must be published on social networks according to the technical and publication requirements indicated in the Contest Rules and in the instruction emails that participants will receive during this phase.

Until March 31, the Jury will review the videos received, evaluate them and decide on the selection of 50 finalists who will go on to the final phase.

April-May 2023 (date to be determined)
On a date to be determined, the 50 finalists will be summoned in person for a performance at the TIERRA Music Hub (Madrid, Spain) where they will perform live a new song with a free theme in front of the members of the Jury. The song may have been composed prior to the contest.

The Jury will also take the opportunity to learn more about each artist, their influences, their career and their professional goals. This live performance may be broadcasted live through the different social networks and/or platforms that will be announced in due course.

That same day, the Jury will decide the selection of the 10 winners.

In the Contest Rules you will find all the details on how the contest works, on the technical-artistic requirements and on the rest of the questions that you should read carefully before registering.

Who is on the Jury?

The music industry supporting new creators!
Concurso #SomosCancionistas

We have made an effort to put together a Jury that represents in one way or another the different members of the music industry and that will be able to evolve as the contest progresses. Women and men who are part of this Jury in a generous and altruistic way.

And as an exceptional presenter of the contest, @AntonioHueso, who has been with us for more than 20 years in the Spanish music radio, and who will bring out the best of each participant during the face-to-face shows.

Professionals of recognized prestige who will know you, who will listen attentively to your songs, and who will know how to recognize your effort and your talent:

José Antonio Portugal
Sr. Manager Broadcast, Operators & Content.
DOLBY Laboratories.

Carla Varona
Label Manager Sin Anestesia/RLM.

Diego Castaño
Chief of Staff at AIE Sociedad de Artistas.
Musician and Composer.

Sonia Durán
Manager of Unión Fonográfica Independiente (UFi).

Carlos Galán
CEO Subterfuge Records.

Manuela Soriano
Vice President +Músicas.
Artist and Composer.

Pablo Cebrián
CEO Arcadia Music.
Musician and Music Producer.

David Otero
Artista, compositor y productor musical

Marina Roveta
Manager de artistas

Javier Navarro
A&R, Asset Coordinator.
BMG Spain.

Virginia Maestro
Artist and Composer of Peer Music.
Winner of Operación Triunfo 2008.

Nerio Gutiérrez and Germán Gutiérrez
Playground Estudio, Latin Grammy Nominated.

José de Castro “Jopi”
Guitarist, Producer and Musical Director.

Alberto Torres (alberto.vela)
Artist and Multi-instrumentalist.
Warner-Chappell Composer.

Rodrigo Septién
Artist, Composer and Music Producer.
Co-Founder of “Destripando la Historia”.

Pablo Rouss
Artist, Music Producer and Composer for Sony Music Publishing.

Carlos Clerencia
Music Producer and Composer for BMG Spain.

Jake Henson
Artist and Composer.

George Five
Music Producer and Content Creator.

Ernest Prana
Artist and Composer.

Esther Justel and Carlos Campaña
Founders of the “Vokalo” Voice School.

Pantera Blue and Claudio Constantini
Musicians and Composers-Performers.

Curro Rumbao
Representative of “Micros Abiertos de Madrid”.

What are the prizes*?

More than 50.000€ in prizes!
Concurso #SomosCancionistas

1st, 2nd and 3rd CLASSIFIED

4th and 5th CLASSIFIED

6th to 10th CLASSIFIED

(*) During the contest, we will continue working with our collaborators and sponsors to expand the list of prizes, which will be promptly updated on this website and communicated by email to all participants. There will also be raffles among the participants with new prizes provided by the collaborators and sponsors.