You will always want to have a Gravity VCA Bus Compressor within your grasp. This powerful stereo compressor is suited to all scenarios.

Thanks to its great dynamic control performance, you will obtain the sound you are looking for in a quick and accurate way.

Being perfect as a compressor for the MIX BUS, Gravity will turn your signal into music.

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor Front Panel
Gravity VCA Bus Compressor Back Panel
TIERRA Audio Raw Sessions

TIERRA Audio Raw Sessions

The most honest and raw way to share the sound of our microphones, preamps, compressors and equalizers: great artists performing their songs live.

Conchita, Dan Milson, Bely Basarte, Gèrard, Virginia Maestro, Alex Granero, Marlena, Neus Ferri, Andrés Iwasaki, Tres Caladas, Pipo Romero, Paula Becker, Manu Clavijo, Alicia Castillo…

New recordings every week!

Powerful presence

Gain punch and an overwhelming presence with your stereo microphone set thanks to Gravity VCA Bus Compressor. You only need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Insert a Gravity VCA Bus Compressor in your voice track.

Step 2: Play around with a slow ATTACK, quick RELEASE, and RATIO 4.

Step 3: Gradually decrease the THRESHOLD control and increase MAKE UP control.

Pianos under control

Insert Gravity VCA Bus Compressor in a Bus with your stereo piano signal and use it to manage this instrument’s wide dynamic ranges. Thus, every passage will be placed in the right layer of the mix. 

Forget about the piano that fades away in the weakest parts of the song or stands out too much in the choruses.

Overwhelming basses

Use a Gravity VCA Bus Compressor for your Basses, and you will get a more accurate, vast and robust sound. Gravity VCA Bus Compressor will increase your dynamic control over the basses, providing you with a considerable scope over the mix.

Pump your electronic music

With Gravity VCA Bus Compressor as the compressor in the last bus of your electronic productions, your mix will pump with all the musicality and rhythm required.

To do so select a slow ATTACK and play around with the RELEASE so that the relaxation time comes close to your production BPM. Adjust the compression THRESHOLD and listen to how your track gets compressed to its rhythm.

Compress your Fx

Are you looking for neater mixes?

You will make it by adding a Gravity VCA Bus Compressor to your effects, reverbs, and delays layers. Compressing the effect buses, your signal will be more stable. Thus, it will be easier to emphasize them in the mix.

Do you need more reasons to test it? Here you have 10

Handmade with ❤️ in Madrid

In order to guarantee the correct electron flux of the analog signal, we put together the finest “through hole” components, instead of robotically assembled miniaturized components. In this way we reduce to the minimum the electronic friction to enhance the thermal response of the equipment and avoid background noises.

Triad Magnetics® transformer

Every Gravity VCA Bus Compressor is equipped with an original Triad Magnetics® transformer to nurture the power stage, thus providing a more stable, precise, and lasting result, that does not generate any type of noise.

VU meter

Each Gravity VCA Bus Compressor also contains one excellent VU meter so that you can accurately control the gain levels of the analog signal.

Gold plated connectors

When speaking about true ProAudio, all the links of the recording chain are fundamental. Gold plated connectors guarantee the best connectivity, and a total absence of contact noise as well. A real piece of jewelry in your hands.

Made of pure cherry wood

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, we wanted to ensure that you will know that your Gravity VCA Bus Compressor has the makings of a champion only by looking at it. Finished with a warm and resistant natural cherry wood paneling, from sustainable forests, we ensure better thermal insulation and surprising aesthetics. Technology and art in a superb symbiosis.

Light and robust

By building our products in aluminum, we ensure the highest durability, lightness, corrosion resistance, and thermal insulation. Besides all this, aluminum is an easily recyclable metal that always retains its properties, avoiding indiscriminate exploitation. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Recycled cardboard packaging

The cardboard packaging in which we ship our equipment comes from recycled sources and is FSC certified. They are light and resistant, protecting the equipment from impacts during transport, thanks to the air chamber system that keeps the equipment in suspension. With this change, we use fewer raw materials and resources, and we can source locally. You can take it everywhere with you thanks to its handle, keep it to store your equipment, or recycle it.

Branded by fire

We want you to use your Gravity VCA Bus Compressor intensively for decades. That is the reason why the frontal and back panels are laser engraved, avoiding deletion or damage of the screen printing over metal or wood, through time.

Certified authenticity and quality

With your Gravity VCA Bus Compressor, you will get a Certificate of Authenticity and Quality, sealed and signed by hand, that contains the results of the technical measurements conducted over the equipment during our extensive quality control. Thoroughness, transparency, and a 5-years warranty.

One device, one tree

Not only do we create the best products, but we also care about the environment. Therefore, we commit ourselves to plant a tree in exchange for each sold device. You may visit it whenever you want!

Want to know what are the opinions about Gravity VCA?

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Technical specifications

Line output
Maximum output: +22 dBu 0.1% THD.

Harmonic distortion (THD)
4 dBu output, less than 0,002% in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Frequency response
From 20 Hz to 20 kHz (0 dB).

113 dB.

Gain level
Up to +15 dB.

Background noise (Noise floor)
Less than -95 dBu.

Signal to noise ratio (SNR)
Greater or equal to 120 dBu.

Attack time
0.14 ms, 0.26 ms, 0.6 ms, 1.7 ms, 4.6 ms, 12 ms, with Ratio 2:1 and Slow Release.

Release time
15 ms, 20 ms, 38 ms, 67 ms, with Ratio 2:1 and Slow Sttack.

2:1, 4:1 and 10:1.

High Pass Filter Side Chain (HPF SC) Frequency
120 Hz. (with -3 dB of reduction @ 100 Hz.)

Power source
2 configurable voltage source settings on the back panel: 110 V AC 60 Hz and 220 V AC 50 Hz.

Operating temperature range
Between 32º and 104º Fahrenheit (between 0º and 40º Celsius).

Power source fuse
500 mA.

5-years warranty

You do not need to worry about anything. We offer you a 5-years part and labor warranty, with unbeatable response times, and equipment replacement if once we receive it, the estimated reparation time is above 48 hours.

Interest-free finance

Equipping your studio with the best products is now easier than ever. We offer you different funding options up to 12 months interest-free. Ask us for details!

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