Flavours Preamps is a collection of studio-quality microphone boosters that will bring an extra dose of gain, analog texture and colour to your vocals, instrument recordings, and live performances.

Thanks to the wide range of flavours offered, you can enjoy different gain levels, from an enhanced and crystalline sound to different types and intensities of “sonic flavours” specially designed to bring a unique character, always without losing a drop of musicality. You will get warmer nuances and sounds, others sharper or hotter, others denser, others more saturated, others with more definition, more grain, or even more crunchy.

Simply plug in your favourite microphone and start singing or playing your instrument: You’ll be amazed at your “new sound”!

Like all our products, the Flavours Preamps are handmade with tons of love in Madrid (Spain), with circuits and electronic components of the highest quality. They result from the joint effort of engineers, musicians, designers, and producers to provide a full range of “portable flavours” that will enrich and nuance the sound of your microphones.

Your creativity will rule as you record voices and instruments of all kinds!

SOS Nominee Best Mic Preamps
Professional Audio - Top Class

Your sound always with you.

Put them in the backpack, keep them in the guitar case, purse, or the car’s glove box.

They are ultra-compact and don’t need batteries or additional power cables, so you can use them comfortably not only at home or in the recording studio but also in the rehearsal room, in your live concerts, in your streaming and videoconference sessions, or working on your productions all over the city, or while traveling or on vacation.

Flavours Preamps Portable Sound

What flavours are there?

Truffle, Cocoa, Mint, Chilli, Vanilla, Pepper and Salt.

We have designed SEVEN different flavours, offering a very versatile sound range to help you improve the sound of your lead voices, choirs, Spanish guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass amplifiers, and all kinds of string instruments such as violins, cellos or double basses, percussion instruments… In short, any voice or instrument that can be picked up by a microphone.

Each of the models offers a different gain level (all boosted), as well as a possible frequency filter (more or less bass, mid and/or treble) and a certain harmonic distortion (soft or hard), or even an improved but totally neutral sound, without additives.

Flavours Preamps


Boosted Sound • Ultra Transparent • Precision and Realism
Flavours Preamps - Salt

When the flavour you already have in a dish is 100% what you are looking for, but you would like to enhance it, what do you use? A pinch of salt, exactly!

Salt is our most neutral and transparent flavour, that is, without adding a speck of flavour, colour, or distortion to your sound.

This preamp is perfect for use with your Shure SM7B microphone without adding colour, or your favorite passive ribbon microphones, protecting them from the possible adverse effects of phantom power and preserving all the original nuances while amplifying the weak signal usually generated by this type of mics so that you have no noise at the input of your audio interface when trying to compensate for that low signal.


• FREQUENCY FILTER: none, transparent.
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: none, transparent.


Defined Sound • Compression • Fast Transients • Even Harmonics
Flavours Preamps - Pepper

Pepper brings a very defined sound, with a pinch of compression, slightly spicy but without getting hard distortion at the highest levels of signal, as is the case with Chilli, its big brother.

Its fast response to transients and its excellent level of gain will help you get a better sound in voices of many different pitches and achieve recordings of guitars and percussion instruments with a definition that will not leave you indifferent.

The compression effect it provides is perfect for live vocals in musical styles such as rock, and heavy, and its infinite variations.


• FREQUENCY FILTER: moderate compression, perfect for live performances.
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: very soft, only on very signal peaks.


Creamy Sound • Slow Transients • Odd Harmonics
Flavours Preamps - Vanilla

Vanilla brings a more creamy and controlled sound that will delight all lovers of warm vocals.

If you write your own songs and play them on guitar or piano: this is the perfect flavor for you.

Also its very suitable for full-bodied choirs, and the recording of string instruments with a moderately thick sound, from guitars to violins, cellos, basses, and even ukuleles.


• FREQUENCY FILTER: more middle.
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: odd harmonics, slow response to transients.


Aggressive Sound • In-Your-Face • Very Fast Transients • Even Harmonics
Flavours Preamps - Chilli

Chilli is our most wild flavour and, without a doubt, the crispy and sharpest.

Its very suitable for urban vocals as RAP or TRAP, because can bring an amazing energy and A LOT OF presence: voices in-your-face!

Also, many acoustic guitarists, drummers and percussionists will want to carry one under their arm at all times.


• HARMONIC DISTORTION: even harmonics, crispy sound with hard compression of peaks.


Fresh Sound • Slightly Bright • Delicate and Musical
Flavours Preamps - Mint

Mint offers a very fresh sound, rich in treble and with a slightly bright amplification.

Perfect for enhancing your darker voices, instruments or microphones, such as the Shure SM7B and most ribbon microphones.


• FREQUENCY FILTER: less bass, more treble.
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: soft even harmonics, fast response to transients.


Dense Sound • Slow Transients • Warm and Colour
Flavours Preamps - Cocoa

Cocoa brings a thick, dense character to your sound, with less treble and with a interesting “de-esser” effect.

It’s perfect for microphones used for podcasting, streaming and locutions. but, if you want to add a lot of colour in your music to your vocals, guitars, strings, drums… Cocoa will not leave you indifferent.


• FREQUENCY FILTER: more middle, less treble.
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: odd harmonics, slow response to transients.
• INPUT TRANSFORMER: exclusive Carnhill®, like our Lava Preamp.


Intense Sound • Hard Saturation • Daring and Exclusive
Flavours Preamps - Truffle

Truffle, our most daring and exclusive sound. It brings an abundant amount of saturation to the sound. From the beginning, you will hear a very evident but contained and musical distortion. Many of you will enjoy this new alternative for your voices, but also for your drums and percussions.

It’s not a flavour for everyone or with which to dress up all your recordings, but a pinch on the right voice or instrument will delight your audience.


• FREQUENCY FILTER: less treble.
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: A lot of musical distortion provided by its exclusive germanium diodes.

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Which microphones can I use?

Dynamic Mics • Passive Ribbon Mics • Condenser Mics (+Phantom Power)
Flavours Preamps - Microphones

Flavours Preamps are specially designed for safe use with dynamic and passive ribbon microphones, as they are the microphones that usually generate the smaller signal and need the biggest sound boost. For example:

Shure SM7B, Shure Beta 58A, Shure SM57, Shure SM58, ElectroVoice RE20, Beyerdynamic M69N, M130, M160, AEA R84, Coles 4038, Royer Labs Passive Ribbon Microphones, SE Electronics VR1 Voodoo, t.bone passive ribbon microphones, and others.

We guarantee that the phantom power will never reach the microphone.

If you want to use the Flavours Preamps with condenser microphones or with active (phantom-powered) ribbon microphones, you will have to use an external phantom power source to feed your microphone.

By the way, USB microphones cannot be connected to the Flavours Preamps, only microphones connected via balanced audio cables with XLR connectors (male-female).

The output of Flavours Preamps is a boosted balanced microphone signal (output is not a line signal).

Technical specifications

For audio geeks: these are the capabilities of each Flavour Preamp!

How do they work?

It’s very easy!

The seven “sonic flavours” we propose are born by passing the signal from your microphone through different 100% analog electronic circuits that transform it in the entire frequency spectrum. Just like when you look for a specific flavour while cooking your favorite dish, depending on the sound you want to obtain, these circuits are formed by different ingredients (electronic components of the highest quality), with which we build filters and amplification stages that fulfill very specialized tasks.

Also, five of our Flavours Preamps incorporate a crucial ingredient: a premium input transformer.

The transformer amplifies the signal by passing it through a copper winding around a metal core that excites the signal and gives it an extra dose of harmonics: pure colour and tasty sound. Choosing a transformer is not an easy task. There are hundreds and hundreds of manufacturers, models, and features to try until you find the one which best fits the purpose, the flavour we are looking for.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of ProAudio, we know and work with the best international brands of transformers. Therefore, we have selected models of prestigious brands such as Carnhill® (UK) and Lundahl® (Sweeden).

Each of the selected transformers is specially designed to provide even or odd harmonics to your sound, more or less saturation, amplification, colour, and even noise, and all in an incredibly musical way!

TIERRA Audio Raw Sessions

TIERRA Audio Raw Sessions

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