Lava Preamp

“A warm and smooth analog sound with dual sound mode”

Lava Preamp is a solid-state device with a slow transient response rate which allows you to achieve a warm and smooth sound in all of your recordings while choosing between two sound modes: Classic and Modern. It offers total recall and remote control, guaranteeing 0,0% of added harmonic distortion and gain levels up to 80db. On top of all, our Lava Preamp comes with three entries: microphone, line and instrument, allowing you to connect all types of equipment needed.

Boreal FET Compressor

“An unseen color with a unique attack and transparency”

Boreal FET Compressor is a device with gain reduction through a FET transistor. It offers wide value attack and relaxation ranges, making it highly versatile. It has the capacity of generating extensive gain reductions in a transparent way and of easily bringing all the elements that comprise the mix to the foreground. It avoids degradation, has an extended transparency and a musical pumping, allowing you to compress takes to their maximum.

Calima Preamp

“An aggresive response to boost your sound’s character”

Calima Preamp is a solid state device that provides you with an aggressive and defined color. The device offers a fast-transient response, being able to take the sounds’ character to its maximum level. On top of all that, the Calima Preamplifier comes with three entries: microphone, line and instrument. This great feature allows you to connect your TIERRA device to all types of equipment that you might need.

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor

“Rythmic and well-connected mixes under your control”

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor is a device with gain reduction through VCA. Offering great versatility and a clean and clear sound, it has the capacity of controlling the dynamics of any sound in a highly precise way. It comes with a stereo configuration, being particularly suitable to be used in mix buses, compress them and get all the elements of your production to inlay among them. Just for your mixes!

Icicle Stereo Equalizer

“Transparency for both classic or edgy personalities”

Two types of equalizers in one! On one hand, you will obtain a surgical-like equalization, with phase distortion reduced, obtaining an ultra-transparent and defined sound. On the other hand, you will get the classical equalization of the British consoles of the 70’s, known for their highly musical harmonic response. All the equalization frequencies are fixed in the fundamental frequencies of the 12 musical notes.

Canyon 16 Summing Mixer

“16 channels of versatility merging traditional and bold”

Two summing mixers in one! The Canyon 16 Summing Mixer provides you with 16 ultra transparent channels with a mastering grade amplifier and high headroom. You can also obtain the sound of the classic British consoles from the 70’s, well-known for their warm, defined bass sounds, sweet trebles and high capacity to generate the adhesive necessary to unite all the mix’s tracks.


The ``Zero downtime`` self-diagnosis system

At TIERRA Audio, we have developed an innovative Cloud service, TIERRA Pulse, based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of the Cloud infrastructures of Microsoft Azure.

TIERRA Pulse is a system that performs a self-diagnosis on each electronic module of the device and on its physical and environmental internal (temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, electric noise, etc) every time you turn your device on. This process detects any anomaly in the equipment, even before it noticeable, and it introduces for the first time the “Zero Downtime” concept into the music and professional audio industry. Forget about hardware failures that jeopardise your recording, mixing and mastering sessions!

Additionally, thanks to TIERRA Pulse your device will be safe even if you misplace it or gets stolen. You can block your equipment from our website, receive an email as soon as it makes a Wi‑Fi connection, learn the area in which it is in and send a message to whoever has it so that he knows how to get it back to you. Until your device is back in your hands, you can suspend all type of activity and even format it remotely so that nobody can access your information… ever.

What do people say?

“One of the best pieces of gear from day 2: analog meets digital with TIERRA Audio and their Boreal FET Compressor“.

MusicTech featuring TIERRA Audio

“TIERRA Audio has built in self-diagnostics/health check on their devices. They can detect issues and deplay replacements if needed. Exciting stuff!”

Sounds and Gear comment on TIERRA Audio

“TIERRA Audio is one to watch! Looking forward to demoing their Lava Preamp and Boreal FET Compressor!”

TIERRA Audio featured by Bboytechreport

The best of NAMM 2019- Day 1: “Sometimes you see brands that you go: that’s cool! TIERRA Audio has completely separated the digital control from the circuit. It looks amazing!”

What protools said about TIERRA Audio

“TIERRA Audio from Spain were newcomers who turned heads with their innovative Lava Preamp featuring 100% analog signal with complete digital recall and control, two sound modes and a lot more”.

TIERRA Audio featured in Sonicscoop

Grammy award producer, mixer and engineer (Sting, Adele, Amy Winehouse, among others): “Your designs are absolutely the future of what studio equipment should be”.

Dom Morley's quote on TIERRA Audio

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