Our high-end ProAudio Analog Gear

Lava Preamp

Dedicated to those who pursue an organic sound, warm and with presence.

Lava Preamp Front Panel

Calima Preamp

Our most aggressive analog preamplifier with maximum definition.

Calima Preamp Front Panel

Boreal FET Compressor

Designed to provide your sound with high dynamic control.

Boreal FET Compressor Front Panel

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor

Precision and versatility. Great dynamic control performance to all situations.

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor Front Panel

Icicle Equalizer

Surgery on your sound. A versatile tool fit for every situation with incredible dual sound mode.

Canyon 16 Summing Mixer

Breadth and warmth. Real analog color and a breathtaking dimension to your mix.

What do the professionals say?

Dom morley

Dom Morley

Amy Winehouse, Sting, Adele, The Police…

Grammy Award Producer and Mixer.

“I’ve had a chance to play with the Gravity VCA on a mix I’m doing right now. It’s AMAZING !!!! It’s across the drums, and I’m extremely impressed with how it sounds – a bit like my vintage dbx162, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this because I love the old dbx’s) it’s actually better!”.

Steve Baughman

Steve Baughman

Dr. Dre, Michael Jackson, Eminem, 50 Cent…

Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering.

“I was first intrigued by TIERRA’s unique and eco-friendly design. Then I got my hands on the product and found out it’s not only beautiful on the outside but inside too! Amazingly intuitive, transparent and bold sound”.

Jae Deal

Jae Deal

Janet Jackson Tour Team, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg…

Musician / Producer / Engineer / Mixing / Mastering.

“I am excited about what TIERRA Audio is doing, offering access to pure analog that is eco-friendly, beautiful and sounds magnificent!”.



Madonna, Chris Brown, Take that, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Stirling…

Grammy nominated Producer / Musician / Songwriter.

“Hey, Neve! There are some new guys in town and their products sound amazing. I’ve already tried them!”.

Nico The Owl


Cher Lloyd, Public Enemy, Julia Michaels, Lena Meyer-Landrut…

Multi platinum Grammy nominated Producer / Songwriter.

“As soon as I placed the Preamp and Compressor onto a vocal track I was working on I was really blown away! It brought everything to life!”.

What does media say?

MusicTech featuring TIERRA Audio

“One of the best pieces of gear from day 2: analog meets digital with TIERRA Audio and their Boreal FET Compressor“.

Sounds and Gear comment on TIERRA Audio

“TIERRA Audio has built in self-diagnostics/health check on their devices. They can detect issues and deplay replacements if needed. Exciting stuff!”

TIERRA Audio featured by Bboytechreport

“TIERRA Audio is one to watch! Looking forward to demoing their Lava Preamp and Boreal FET Compressor!”

What protools said about TIERRA Audio

The best of NAMM 2019- Day 1: “Sometimes you see brands that you go: that’s cool! TIERRA Audio has completely separated the digital control from the circuit. It looks amazing!”

TIERRA Audio featured in Sonicscoop

“TIERRA Audio from Spain were newcomers who turned heads with their innovative Lava Preamp featuring 100% analog signal with complete digital recall and control, two sound modes and a lot more”.

Project TIERRA Green is born, and with it our firm compromise to plant a tree for every device that will be sold.

For the time being we have bought 30.000 square meters of fertile land located in the north of Spain, where we do wish to one day grow a forest.