Two types of equalizers in one! On the one side, you will obtain an ultra-transparent, defined mastering grade sound. On the other hand, you will get the classical equalization of the American consoles of the 70’s, known for their highly musical harmonic response. All the equalization frequencies are fixed in the 12 musical notes.

100% Analog Signal Treatment

Analog side of the Icicle Equalizer

Are you a die-hard fan of the electronic devices of the 60’s and 70’s? Us too. Our beautiful devices are built upon the amazing legacy of the best equipment in the history of analog sound, but with the improved thresholds of our modern music landscape.

Our analog signal treatment boasts a totally unique power supply, 100% isolated from the digital system, avoiding noise transfers and ensuring stability. Our audio path components have the highest quality, are through hole and both welded and assembled by hand in Spain, boosting the acoustic characteristics of your device without jeopardizing the signal.

In addition, you can choose between 3 working modes:

Icicle Equalizer's Dual Mono icon

Dual Mono

Two completely independent equalizing channels in the same device.

Icicle Equalizer's Stereo Mode icon

Stereo Mode

Two linked channels in one equalizer.

Icicle Equalizer's M/S working mode icon

M/S (midside)

Control independently both the mid part of your stereo track and the side part of it.

100% Digital Recall & Control

Digital side of the Icicle Equalizer

Functionality at your fingertips! Our BMI® technology (patent pending) endows you with full digital control and recall of the devices’ functions. You will be able to manage every feature of your Icicle Equalizer from a plugin inserted in the DAW (Avid Pro Tools®, Apple Logic®, etc) which allows self-recognition of the hardware route and automatic latency compensation. You can also access it from your mobile app (both iOS and Android), allowing you to work remotely without running the risk of adding sound distortion to the original analog signal. We guarantee 0,00% of added harmonic distortion!

In addition, the Icicle Equalizer (as well as every member of our product family) comes with an innovative digital brain on the inside. This is next-generation software that manages all your equipment systems and automatically updates remotely so that you always enjoy the maximum performance and the best in our Icicle Equalizer’s capacities.

Last, but definitely not least, your device will be constantly connected to our TIERRA Cloud Services, guaranteeing you access to remote Internet services and extending your device’s capabilities on demand. Another feature of your connection to TIERRA Cloud is the continuous monitoring of your equalizer’s internal performance while keeping a keen eye on environmental conditions and threats. In this way, our tech support and customer care is ongoing, all-encompassing and one of a kind.

``The perfect blend between the analog and digital world ``

Playground Studio (2 Latin Grammys Nominations)

Dual Sound Mode

Two equalizers in one device! In the end, it all comes down to what you want to accomplish and which features you envision for your project. Right? So why should you have to choose between a Classic or Modern sound? The Icicle Equalizer offers you both sound modes in one equalizer, allowing you to swap styles when and as you decide, without risking quality. Time travel is just a click away!

Are you aiming to achieve the traditional, timeless sound of analog devices? Inspired by the legendary American consoles of the 70's, Icicle Equalizer gives a unique color to your mix and corrects general errors without getting rid of those elements that endow your work with a unique personality.
Are you looking to create the most ``of-the-moment`` sounds? Those undeniable chart-hitting beats? TIERRA Icicle brings an ultra transparent mastering grade sound, a modern sound machine with an analog soul!

Connectivity: The art of being versatile

Your Icicle Equalizer offers a wide range of options when it comes to connections. Versatility is a way of life for our users and we know it: Icicle adapts to your needs, not the other way round. Whether you are working in a home studio, performing a live concert, squirreling away in a professional studio or wherever, our three connections range will keep your device running to its maximum capacity.


This standard connection provides fast transfer rates. It has power management features, which means that if your device is off and you start using it from the DAW, it wakes up thanks to a signal sent by the USB Forget about standing up when you need to turn on your device!

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Just can’t have any more cables snaking across the floor? Need to transport your device but be sure you’ll be able to connect it when you get to where you’re going? Good news! Icicle Equalizer offers full WiFi connectivity – even from your mobile phone!

Bluetooth 4.0

Hate techy clutter and everything about it? Icicle Equalizer is for you too, offering connection through Bluetooth 4.0, known for its high-speed and low energy protocols without sacrificing the signal strength. Sync your device and start recording!

``Zero downtime`` Self-diagnosis System

What would you say if we told you that our Icicle Equalizer comes with life insurance? For real! Every time you turn your Icicle Equalizer on, the device performs a self-diagnosis on each internal module, making sure both the environmental conditions (voltage, magnetism, pressure, temperature, humidity) and the processed signal are at optimum levels. We have also implemented an internal heat measuring feature that allows your TIERRA device to thermoregulate itself and always work under the same temperature thresholds, ensuring the accurate performance of its components. We will be able to detect performance blips in real time and keep track of your device’s performance.

On top of this by-default feature, we make available to you our TIERRA Pulse Service. If you want to stay ahead of the game and immediately obtain replacement parts, as needed, Pulse is your ally. With TIERRA Pulse, you can keep on making your own magic and ensuring “zero downtime” in your recording processes. Learn more here about our extended guarantee, available to all of our Icicle Equalizer users.

Top Quality Design and Materials

Technology must not be at odds with beauty. Icicle Equalizer has been created with only the purest and best materials, resulting in a sexy and elegant one-off piece for each customer. It has been built with Cherry Wood, Glass, Aluminium and Steel.

These are top-quality materials that are relevant in both traditional and modern contexts, mingling and melding to create a functional yet successful, all-inclusive design.

Additionally, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our materials and production choices have been made in order to guarantee zero pollutants and reduce our carbon footprint. All of our providers are eco-friendly. Learn more about our TIERRA Green project.











More and more features...


The Icicle Equalizer is built with gold plated Neutrik® connectors, the best ones on the market because of their conduction capacity and durability. The very robust all metal circular connector offers easy and screwless assembly, flexible part combination and a push-pull locking mechanism. With over 40 years of know-how and experience in the manufacture of innovative electrical and electronic interconnection products and systems, quality, efficiency and a long-lasting lifespan are fully-guaranteed!

TIERRA Audio's digital buttons and encoders icon


Custom-made, digital buttons and encoders mean absolutely no mechanical interference from the device… ever. Being all digital, the buttons and encoders allow you to work with dynamic values, ensuring maximum durability and providing you with 0% mechanical feedback noise. Also, our encoders have double identities! Depending on how you manipulate the LEDs, they work as position, volume and panning selectors. This allows you to be constantly aware of what each of your control is doing and take full advantage of Icicle’s improved usability. Piece of cake!

TIERRA Audio's steel case icon


Fully personalized and technically designed for the temperature stability, Icicle’s case is corrosion resistant, made of aluminium and protected by an antioxidant layer. We have carefully selected durable, tough materials that will keep your device snug and safe on its journeys, so you can relax. Your case has been designed so that your device can travel safely. The case also comes with inbuilt side vents. Not only is it highly durable, it is also the sleekest looking case in the industry, thanks to its very cool electrostatic paint.

TIERRA Audio's robotic power icon


At TIERRA Audio we are determined to integrate the best technologies from each field into our equipment. Following our premise, we have incorporated a powerful processor brought from industrial robots, the personal automation and the so-called Internet of things to get your TIERRA engine to fly on each recording and mixing session. The highest energetic efficiency, stability and processing speeds that guarantee maximum scalability, achievable thanks to OTA updates (Over-The-Air) that keep your device at a constant state of readiness.

TIERRA Audio's exclusive transformers icon


A noiseless, precise, stable and long-lasting power source is vital when it comes to getting your professional audio device to produce the sound purity you expect. For that reason, our Icicle Equalizer has an exclusive analog power transformer from the internationally recognized brand Carnhill®. This company has been designing and manufacturing custom built isolation transformers for over 30 years, being leaders in the industry. We only work with the best brands in the market and our transformers are not an exception!

TIERRA Audio's dual power source icon


We promised pure analog, we promised pure digital and, at TIERRA Audio, we keep our promises!  The Icicle Equalizer comes with two completely isolated power supplies (PSU) to fully avoid the transfer of noise from the digital system to the analog one. This ensures that both systems are completely independent and fully stable and that you obtain a fully analog signal and a completely digital control. Enjoy the best of both worlds without running the risk of lowering the quality of your music productions ever!

TIERRA Audio's premium packaging icon


The Icicle Equalizer comes in a scented box made of wood, sourced from renewable, sustainable forests. Our packaging is efficient and contains little to no petroleum-based plastics. Simple yet effective, its design is shock-resistant and allows you to experience TIERRA from the outside-in. Its robust design, pore-free surface, plus the crafted desiccant bags contained on the inside will keep your equipment safe and protected from humidity at all times. User-friendly, and equipped with a magnet-based closing system and storage area, it’s easy to open, to keep closed and to store all of your documents and accessories!

TIERRA Audio's multifunction vumeter icon


The digital vumeter is configurable in three options, so that you can choose the one that better suits your needs and working style. The first one, without peak retention, measures and indicates the signal’s level. The second option, with fixed peak retention, allows you to know when the signal has surpassed its maximum at least once. In the last option, peak retention with programmable time, you can choose how long you want the light to be on to inform you that you have reached the signals’ max capacity. Thanks to the digital vumeter you will be able to avoid sound distortion and focus on every single detail of your project!

TIERRA Audio's security chip icon


Our equalizer comes with a state-of-the-art security chip, that is used in both the military and aeronautic fields. The system not only encrypts all communications but it also guarantees your information is safe, even in public spaces. Using the strictest protocols and standards, this security co-processor allows the principal processor to be fully dedicated to the main monitorization and control tasks without affecting its performance. It encrypts all configurations and presets in the internal core of the device. In case of robbery, we will be able to identify your device, block it remotely and send a call2home to get it back.

TIERRA Audio's high-quality screen icon


At TIERRA Audio we know how important it is to be able to easily check which mode you are using, the channel you have selected or the different parameters that you have established. With your Icicle Equalizer, keeping an eye on all the items mentioned above and on every single detail will be extremely easy thanks to the exceptional screen that comes incorporated in your device. It is 2,2 inches, full color, and high resolution, which means that your screen will automatically translate your choices into visual aids.

TIERRA Audio's full remote icon


An analog plugin? Does that even exist? Well, we are happy to inform you that it does, and it comes with your Icicle Equalizer! Our plugin not only will enhance the functionalities of your preamp through an incredibly simple interface, but it will also allow you to sincronize with hardware in real time and obtain automatic autorouting and latency compensation. It is available in VST, RTAS and Component so that you choose the option that suits your project and working style most!

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